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With over 20 years of Thai massage practice, including a decade of teaching Thai massage and meditation at Blue Lotus, I have worked with thousands of people, all looking for contentment.   I work with both students and clients not just in the physical bodywork, but also coaching and supporting them as they navigate the challenges of staying healthy in a world that makes it all to easy to not be healthy.  

After being diagnosed with a progressive neurological disease two years ago, I did some homework and went after it full on.  I changed my diet, made sure I got enough sleep and exercise and paid attention.  By the end of the year I had reversed my condition. AT that point, I decided to go back to school to help inspire and support other people who like me, were dissatisfied with their state of health and realized that it was in my own power to make it happen. 

I have worked with people from all walks of life, with many physical challenges and special needs.  From paralysis to MS to frozen shoulder to carpal tunnel syndrome to plantar fasciitis to low back pain, I use my wide ranging experience and education to assess and address an endless array of physical and emotional difficulties.   

I am a life long learner and I practice this art with humility and gratitude. After my  first trip to Thailand in 1999 when I first met my Thai massage teacher, I have been back there over a dozen times to study and lead groups of students interested learning more about Thai massage, Thai medicine, and Thai self care techniques.

I own, direct and teach Thai massage and Thai medicine at Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies, a world renowned training program for Thai bodywork practitioners.  

If you are interested in our 200 hour Thai bodywork program, email us at:

If you would like to receive Thai session contact me at

or call / text me at 773-841-6018

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